Visualisers - Next Level Teaching

What can a visualiser do for you ?

A visualiser shows text, images, work and objects in large scale via your classroom display. Use it to share ideas, text, images, best practice and more – no holding up and passing around, just inclusion for all.

  • View objects close up using an optical zoom; how else can these be presented live to an entire classroom?
  • Record movie demonstrations; capture methodologies and playback on display, retaining for future use.
  • Use features such as annotation to label key areas of an object, or show spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Use the ‘split-screen’ feature to show before and after, correct and incorrect or to highlight differences.



Why use a visualiser in the classroom?

Display objects to the whole class
• Show history artefacts, maps (especially ordnance survey maps), flowers, rocks, electronic circuitry, fine print etc
Use the bendy gooseneck to view a range of material such as coins/banknotes, butterfly wings, skin, shells, fir cones and flowers
• Use to display delicate objects that would not survive being passed around the class.
• Look at art work, photographs or DT projects as a whole class
• Read a class book together
• Show an x-ray
• Display song words to whole class
• Model handwriting so that whole class can see handwriting being modelled in detail
• Model counting objects
• Model using a calculator/ruler/protractor or compass
• Model a solving a problem - record and playback or store on a learning platform or website for revision use
• Model art techniques, design technology techniques, sewing techniques, even threading a needle
• Model reading a thermometer
• Show a science investigation to whole class, also record it for revision use on a Learning platform or website
Children can present their work visually; this can then be captured and stored in e-portfolio

• Use to promote peer and self assessment (show and tell)
• Children can use for show and tell
• Easily capture images of children's work

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