Digital Menu Displays

Digital menu screens, or menu boards, bring maximum attention to your menus and promotions. You can update your menu boards at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Digital menu screens come with CMS - Easy to use Content Management Software

  • Customisable Screen Templates
  • Display multiple Content eg. Nutritional Content, Weather
  • Scheduling Software
  • Create & Control from Anywhere
  • Free Induction Training  & Tech Support 
  • Installations across the UK
  • Save Time Whether you change menus seasonally or daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, digital menu boards can be scheduled at set times, saving you from manually updating menus. ie rotating Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner menus throughout the week
  • Save Money Quickly change your menu when dishes sell out, or add limited-time specials to get rid of stock and reduce wastage. Plus since your menus are digital, your print costs go down.
  • Improve Customer Experience Digital signage has been proven to reduce perceived wait times at pay desks by up to 35%. As people have something engaging to look at while waiting, the time seems to pass quicker. Also people are more likely to make their minds before reaching the counter to place their orders
  • Promote Nutritional Choice - Easily add calorie counts and other nutritional information such as fat, sodium, carbs, protein and more. Educate students about healthy food choices .

Menu Displays
School Menu Screens

How is Education Digital Signage Useful for Schools?

  • Communicate important messages to the student body in a modern way 
  • Help new students and visitors easily get to their destination with digital school maps and digital school directories 
  • Promote events and extracurricular activities to encourage participation with promotional digital signage
  • Notify students, faculty and staff of emergencies  
  • Classroom digital signage can be placed in classrooms, lecture halls, hallways, cafeterias, student lounges, libraries.

Digital Kiosks for Educational Institutions

  • Free-standing, UHD digital kiosks that can be placed in areas with high-traffic to educate, engage, inform, and influence your students 
  • Kiosk can run 24/7 without overheating thanks to commercial-grade screens.
  • Create, update and publish your digital kiosk content. Made easy with cloud-based digital signage software 
  • The lockable wheels make the digital kiosk easy to move, and easy to secure.
  • Easy to Install and Quick Setup
  • Installations across the UK